Composing An Effective 5-Paragraph Opinion Essay Outline

An opinion essay is a formal writing that requires you state your personal opinion on a topic in a clear and concise manner. Also, you must give some of your viewpoints on the topic and support them with reasons and examples. Finally, when writing an opinion piece, you must include the opposing viewpoint in one paragraph.

Successful Opinion Essay

An opinion piece exists simply to prove your thesis, or your main point, which will be stated in your introductory paragraph. Never leave the reader to guess where you stand on the particular topic- make your opinion clear from the beginning.

Next, in the body of your opinion piece, you will develop your argument for your stand on the topic. You should make sure that each of the paragraphs in the body has one idea that clearly supports your point of view. Some things you can use include examples, illustrations, cause and effect reasoning, comparisons/contrasts, and other ways to support your argument.

Make sure to include research that backs up your point of view, especially if you have statements in the essay that would make the reader ask, “How do you know?”- make sure that you don’t state that you saw it on television or read it in the paper.

Always remember that a paragraph should consist of three to five sentences that clearly develop one idea. A good paragraph will begin with a topic sentence summarizing your main idea.

Opinion Essay Outline

  • Introduction: Paragraph One: this is where you will state the main topic of your paper, or the point you are working to prove. Here, you will include your thesis and three reasons why your statement is true.
  • Body: Paragraphs Two, Three, and Four: In your introductory paragraph, you gave three reasons why your opinion is true. Here is where you will explain those reasons. Each paragraph will take one of those reasons and give a detailed explanation. You can also include a paragraph that will give the opposing viewpoint and why this viewpoint is not true.
  • Conclusion: Final paragraph: This is where you wrap up your argument. You will restate your thesis statement and remind your readers what your reasons for your opinion were. Then, you will give a “call to action” telling your readers what you wish for them to do as a result of reading your paper.

Points to Remember

  • When considering your topic, decide whether you agree or disagree with it and then take the time to consider your reasons why you feel that way.
  • Make sure that you take the time to craft well-developed paragraphs, using appropriate linking words/phrases. Always start your paragraph with a topic sentence, explaining what the particular paragraph is about.

When writing an opinion piece, there is a particular format that you must follow. You will be stating your personal opinion on a topic, and you want it to be clear and concise. You will start by stating your opinion in the intro. Then, in the body you will explain your reasoning that you’re right and why others are wrong. Then, you will wrap it up with the conclusion. This will make sure that your work is organized so that it will be understood.

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