Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Von Goethe big claim to fame was writing Faust. In fact German born Von Goethe has written many acclaimed books throughout his career, not only was he a famed writer he also studied law at both Leipzig and Strasburg. During his student years he was introduced to the works of Shakespeare; folk poetry and plays. He also had a penchant for the occult. Not only was he a keen writer and poet that could write in many different styles he was also an artist (over 3000 drawings) and enjoyed studying natural sciences. Generally his written work attracted not just admiration but also criticism in equal proportions.

His epic works were not just limited to poetry and books he also was a gifted playwright, who similarly wrote memoirs and an autobiography as well as several dissertations with subjects ranging from color to botany. In fact Von Goethe was a major celebrity by the age of 25.

As well as all of his literary accomplishments, a few years after his return from a tour of Italy he was awarded the post of managing director of the theater in Weimar, and three years later worked with historian and philosopher turned play wright Frederich Schiller whose plays Van Goethe produced for the next 11 years and still found time to publish his second novel. Work produced by Schiller and Von Goethe during this period were termed as Weimar Classicism

So where did all this thirst for knowledge and creativity come from? Von Goethe was tutored at home by his father and other tutors. He has a classical education I the subjects of the time as well as in languages that ranged from classical Greek and Latin as well as French, Italian and English. H was also tutored in Hebrew. Von Goethe’ father felt that his children (there was only Goethe and his sister as other siblings had died) should have an education that was far superior to the educating that he had been given. To complete his all-round education and thirst for knowledge Von Goethe was also tutored in dancing, fencing and horse riding.

Although Von Goethe had a greet dislike for the Catholic Church and all that it stood for he enjoyed reading books about religion and history. A lot of his learning and discoveries especially with the occult were based on the knowledge that learned through his reading and general experiences. These experiences and learning formed the basis of a lot of his writing especially the book that she seems to be most known for ‘Faust’

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