Lenovo, basically known as “Lenovo Group Limited” is a multinational computer technology organization from China with headquarters situated in Beijing as well as in the United States at Morrisville, North Carolina. The company has ventured mainly in the development, manufacturing and selling of electronic storage devices, tablet computers, personal computers, smartphones, servers, IT management software, smart televisions and work stations. Lenovo became the largest personal computer vendor in 2014 based on unity sales in the entire world. It has been on the fore front marketing the ThinkPad line of notebook computers together with the ThinkCentre line of computer desktops.

Up to date, Lenovo has had operations conducted in more than sixty nations across the globe with sales reaching up to over a hundred and sixty nations. The principal facilities owned by Lenovo are found in Singapore, Morrisville and Beijing including research centers around the world in such places as Xiamen, Shanghai among others in China as well as Yamato in Japan. The company operates jointly with EMC making the Lenovo EMC which trades in network-attached solutions of storage. Other joint ventures are also with NEC forming the Lenovo NEC holdings involved in the production of personal computers for the market in Japan.

The Company was founded in China back in 1984 commonly known as Legend during that time. Later on, it was included in Hong Kong after four years. The company would later acquire the personal computer business of IBM in 2005 and finally agreed to take over the Intel-based sever trade in the year 2014. Lenovo got into the market of smartphones in 2012 and by 2014 the company became the biggest vendor of all smartphones in China’s mainland. During the start of 2014, Lenovo decided to buy the maker of mobile phone handset for Motorola Mobility from the prestigious Google organization that saw the deal finalized in October the same year.

Lenovo has continued to establish itself in the world of technology today specializing with computers mobile technology sand technology software devices. It has partnered with big business and has successful established its brand in the market having been able to trade and transact with big market players such as Google and Motorola among many others. As of now, it is one of the biggest contributors in the technology world from its various research centers in China and Japan. The company has experienced resounding success that does not seem to end any time soon.

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