Looking For Winning Topics For An Argumentative Essay

Well before you go looking for excellent topics to write an argumentative essay you need to be absolutely certain about what an argumentative essay is all about. It's about persuasion. In fact some people call an argumentative essay a persuasive essay.

A good way to describe an argumentative essay is to say that there is a very close bond between claims and facts. All the claims that you make in an argumentative essay have to be well supported by relevant and important facts. If there is a divide between claims and facts then your argumentative essay is on shaky ground.

So having educated yourself as to the definition of an argumentative essay, your next task is to find a winning topic. Of course we can start by defining what we mean by winning. In this case it means a good score, a high mark and possibly even a distinction.

Everyone associated with academic essay writing will tell you that a very important component in writing a winning argumentative essay is the choice of topic. So before you start your task of looking for one or more of those topics, get the point well established in your brain that finding the right topic is the right move.

Be clever in making your choice

Make sure that you run the proposed topic or topics past your teacher or professor. Get their approval before you start. Make sure you're not writing an argumentative essay which the world and its mother have already written. Make sure that the definition of an argumentative essay where there is a close connection between claims and facts can be utilized in your writing.

Going online is probably the best way to start looking for winning topics. Simply because there are just so many options available. Always bear in mind the points made in the paragraph above but if you meet those conditions then good luck in your search. To make your task a little easier, here are five potentially winning topics for your next argumentative essay.

  1. Every high school student who graduates should take 12 months break from study before they go to college.
  2. Diets never work and people always put back the weight they had lost.
  3. Employees will work better if they have more holidays.
  4. Censorship of any kind is never justified.
  5. Pirating movies and music should not be a criminal offense.
  6. .

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