Writing A Personal Illustration Essay 5 Helpful Tricks

A personal illustration essay is a special type of text that applies various examples or verbal illustrations to describe the topic. Adjectives are the most important elements of a good essay as they help you show opinions, express ideas, clear up situations, etc. 

As a rule, illustration essays are the easiest ones, because you write about what you think and support your ideas with appropriate facts. However, many students make mistakes during writing because they forget about obvious things. The following five personal illustration tricks will help you avoid the most common mistakes and create a quality text. 

  1. Define the core idea before you start writing.
  2. The core idea is the heart of the whole text. It must be obvious so that there are not any misunderstandings. Try to either avoid topics that have various interpretations, or give strong arguments that will make the idea clear without causing misconceptions. The idea should be traced through the whole text and you must describe it from different points. 

  3. Write a sketch plan of your essay.
  4. A draft is a necessary step for any essay. The creation of a plan can take some time, but it will save you hours of work later. Write down the list of paragraphs and briefly describe the information that you will write. Do not forget to make a list of all the illustrations that you will use. Select the most vital elements and underline them so that you can see the most important details of your future text. 

  5. Stick to the point.
  6. If you are describing something, avoid giving vague examples because they can worsen the quality of the text. Moreover, you can skip from the core idea to some secondary and not important one. 

  7. Use strong illustrations.
  8. You should write strong illustrations that will support your opinion. General facts are not desired. They will not be able to impress anybody, or tell something new or original. Remember that illustrations are the building blocks of this type of the text. 

  9. Imagine yourself to be the reader.
  10. While you are writing, try to imagine that you are the reader of the text. What information do you want to see in the text? Is everything clear to you? Do you understand the descriptions that are in the text? Think about any other questions that you can ask yourself as a reader. Answer the questions honestly after looking at it.  

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