Homosexuality And Genetics

It is commonly believed that homosexuality is a genetically inclined characteristics. But along with genetics, hormonal changes and social factors contribute to the decision of becoming a homosexual thus not lying solely on genetics. Homosexuality is a term used to describe an intimate or sexual relationship between two persons of the same sex. Genetics having to do with the biological being of the human self and how it is linked when relations are being made to hormonal and other factors when dealing with the body. Genetics is not the only contributing factor to homosexuality as many cases of this lifestyle is a learned behavior and not one which they were born with.

Because many people change lifestyle, it can be that both hormonal feels (mother and father) has provided a mixed emotional sense of humor in the child. Many persons have concluded that science has proven that a key factor to developing a homosexual behavior lies mainly on genetics because of a test of connective chromosome linking the child and its mother thus putting a mark that it could be as a result of such.

But in general speaking, homosexuality can be linked to many factors such as social lifestyle, early life experiences and/or a psychological thought towards the action. Having come in contact daily with persons from all walks of life, an individual's lifestyle can change over time and as such they may begin activities which are in total contradiction to the way they were naturally known. For instance, they once saw their counterparts as social and natural friends but over time have developed an attitude that if they are not in close contact with them ( touching and mingling) they are not comfortable and this may prove to their friends that they are in a changing to process. Early life experiences are also characteristics that changes people. There could have being possible instances where the child was abused sexually or having to engage in other sexual occurrences and as a child, would be made to believe sometimes that it is the right thing to do.

Science has never proven that genetics are the sole contributing factor for an individual to develop the lifestyle of a homosexual. Science however have proven that chromosome that children were born with makes them either male or female. Homosexuality is a characteristics that is developed in an individual which is learned over a period of time. Genetics do contribute to emotional behavior in individuals which in turn also is a contributing factor of change. It helps to determine how an individual may respond to certain situations but not the definite reason for the behavior.

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