The Best Technique For Writing A Synthesis Essay

The first step to writing Great synthesis essay it Is to understand what one is. A synthesis paper is one that takes information and ideas from several different sources and combines and integrates it in order to teach the reader about the topic. What makes an excellent synthesis paper is one where the reader gains a deeper or more complete understanding about the topic then they would by simply reading all the sources used in the paper.

There’re several easy techniques you can use to produce an excellent synthesis paper.

  • The first step is to pick a good topic. The good topic for a synthesis paper is one that people probably have some knowledge about but that they may not understand it all that deeply. Choosing a topic like this will allow you to succeed in synthesizing the information and ideas for your reader. It is important to keep in mind how long the paper you have been assigned is. You will need to either make your topic broad or narrow enough to fit the amount of space you have. One good tactic for choosing a topic is to ask how or why about your subject, not just to provide facts about it. Including this kind of analysis will allow you to synthesize information from your sources more successfully.
  • The second step in writing an excellent synthesis paper is to do research. While you are conducting your research, you should keep in mind what your ultimate goal for the paper is. While you are researching, try to find common threads between the different sources you will use you should structure your paper around these common threats. For many students it is easier to find these threats in the research phase than in the writing phase because they have more information to go off thank you.
  • Once you have completed your research and have taken notes on it you should outline your paper thoroughly. While outlining your paper you will want to try for a format and organization that will allow you to more completely integrate the information you have gathered. So instead of moving through the sources you have one by one you should organize your paper around the main ideas and themes. If you are able to use your papers organization to highlight the common threads found from your sources that create your synthesis you will succeed in writing I’m much better synthesis paper.

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