10 good topics for an argumentative essay

An argumentative essay is a mode of discourse. The others are

  1. Exposition
  2. Description
  3. Narration

It is not enough that you are interested in the argument, although it is essential. You will need to back up your argument with solid evidence and an organized and systematic refutation of the opposing argument.

The objective is not to gently persuade a willing reader but to argue your case in front of an audience that has the opposite idea, and to win it to your side. This is precisely why it is so hard to select a topic and write an argumentative essay: you are asking people to adopt new ideas and/or behaviors.

Selecting a topic for argumentation and formulating it correctly is no easy chore. The topic has to be broad enough to argue and yet narrow enough to fit in an essay.

For example, if you want to write against alcohol your first instinct may be to write, “Alcohol drinking should be illegal.” That is not a good topic at all. Since it is not really drinking alcohol that is the problem, it is what can happen therefore. A better topic may be “Drunkenness in public spaces should be penalized.”

A few good topics for an argumentative essay are:

  1. Selling marijuana in public spaces should be illegal
  2. Bicycles are a healthier choice than cars
  3. Cheating is co-operation, not corruption
  4. Polygamy is natural
  5. Men do not need women
  6. Women do not need men
  7. Pharmaceutical preparations should not be trusted as they are prepared only for maximum profits.
  8. Divorce is better than a bad marriage
  9. A bad marriage is better for children than divorce
  10. Homosexual marriages should be legal

What you need in an argumentative essay topic is

  • An idea that can be narrowed down
  • An argument

You can pattern it so that the Cons and refutations are stated in the beginning and the Pros are given later, backed with evidence of course. Alternatively, you can start with arguing the Pros of the argument and then go on to state the Cons and then refute them. Another way to organize it can be to state the opposing views to the argument one by one and refute them systematically, coming to arguing the Pros of the argument to right in the end. Conclude your essay with panache. Write a memorable punch line to top the cake.

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