A Quick Guide To Writing An Argumentative Essay In Criminal Justice

When writing any kind of essay, you will need to rely heavily on organizational skills, time management and planning. This isn’t so hard to do once you’ve tried it. Planning out a schedule for when you’re going to write your essay is an essential part of getting it done.

  1. Find a great topic for your criminal justice piece. You can do this by brainstorming, researching, or looking through lists. Because an argumentative paper must have two very different points of view or conflicting conclusions, you must keep this in mind when choosing the topic.
  2. Gather the information and evidence you need to back up the side you are going to choose. You are trying to convince the reader your side is the better of the two conclusions. You will need to have evidence to support your claims as well as enough information to present the opposing view.
  3. Once you have gathered enough research and source material, it’s time for the writing stage. You need a solid foundation to start with, and you can do that by forming an outline. This shows you exactly what direction you should take when writing and serves to keep you focused and on track.
  4. The body of your essay must present both sides of the story. Avoid using emotional language and instead, accomplish your purpose using facts and logic. Make sure all your claims can be backed up, and all your sources are cited properly. Be prepared to defend your side by knowing the strong arguments that exist for the opposing side.
  5. Once your paper has been written, editing and proofreading are essential. This step is often skipped by students. The process of polishing up your paper can bring it from a mediocre to a stellar level. It’s really worth the time you take to do it.

Topic ideas could be built on one of the following main categories. These are main headings. To choose you topic, make sure you dig down deeper. This will help you determine the two sides you want to present.

  • Employment and crime
  • The effects of weather on crime
  • Classical criminology
  • Gender and crime
  • Age and crime
  • Measuring criminology research
  • Experimental criminology
  • Social construction of crime
  • Criminal justice ideologies
  • Evaluating criminal justice programs
  • The devastation of human trafficking
  • Theft and shoplifting
  • Reducing delinquency through cultural arts
  • Fostering better relations between community and police

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