Coming Up With Interesting University Persuasive Essay Topics

In a persuasive essay you need to argue your position on a certain topic. In order to support your claim evidence research should be conducted. In some cases you might have some personal experience regarding the issue, while in others you need to gather some information, statistics, facts, etc. When you start writing a persuasive essay you do not need to know your position regarding the topic. As you go along researching and gathering your information you will be able to formulate your opinion.

A good university persuasive essay topic doesn’t have an easy answer and it usually has two or more sides to it. In order to find a good theme for the paper think about what you are interested in or what you would like to find out more about. Your topic needs to involve others in your argument, so it should be engaging for the readers. Writing a persuasive essay broadens your thinking and involves your research skills.

If you are having hard time coming up with good university persuasive essay topics, here are some thoughts to be developed into a great persuasive argument.

  1. Drug addicts should be treated in hospitals instead of put in jail.
  2. The owners of guns should be required to register them with the police.
  3. Smoking should be banned in public areas.
  4. The immigration should be restricted.
  5. All Americans should be guaranteed medical care under health insurance program regardless of their income.
  6. Experiments on animals should be outlawed.
  7. CPR and first aid techniques classes should be obligatory.
  8. Hospice care for terminally ill patients should be used more.
  9. As many people as possible should sign up to be organ donors in case something happens to them.
  10. Prisons should be the place of rehabilitation, not punishment.
  11. Exposure of children to all kinds of media should be limited
  12. Concerns about obesity in the media cause problems with body image, especially among the teenagers.
  13. Juvenile offenders committing serious crimes should be tried according to standard law.
  14. We should get prepared to ecological catastrophe since global warming is a real problem.
  15. Genetic engineering should be encouraged since this is the way to progress.
  16. The government should take measures to prevent cyber crimes
  17. Some drugs should be legalized in order to prevent crime and create new tax revenues
  18. Students should be required to take physical education classes.
  19. The fast-food industry should be held accountable for obesity
  20. Textbooks are obsolete and should be replaced with technology devices.

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