Social Media Addiction Effects

Social media is a fun interactive tool people use on a regular basis. Because you can do so many things from sharing pictures, videos, news and more, it is easy to see why people get addicted. Of course, there are some negative sides to using social media. You could get distracted from what you really need to get done. Your feelings could get hurt more easily and you are more likely to lie about yourself since you are behind a computer. Some of the addiction affects could be helpful in a way, but many researchers feel some may not be good for you.

Many people got addicted to social media pretty quickly. Once you learned how to access content and how to make it work for you, there are literally no limits. You can share what you want, discuss what you want, learn about other people and what they were doing, and so forth. But, there is the aspect of getting too much of a good thing. The idea that you can’t wait to login again and see what such and such is up to could signal the beginning of an addition. It can get worse when you are distracted from things you need to get done.

Social media can be a huge distraction not only from your work, but from people you know in your life. Even though it can be used to connect to others, you may end up losing touch with people you know sooner than you realize. There are stories of people saying they don’t connect with someone they know as often as they used to because they spend more time on social media. Some get so addicted they don’t tend to things at home such as their kids, spouse or things that need to be taken care of in the household.

People may find it silly that a person can be addicted to social media but it is true. Many people use it to learn what is going on in the news, share videos of their kids’ accomplishments, or promote their business. You can do so much on social media it is easy to see why people spend hours at a time socializing. But when you begin to lose touch with the reality going on in your life, it may be time to cut your activity on social media. For some the addiction is so strong this becomes impossible.

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