Home, Child, and Community Relations

When it comes to communities, all kinds of communities, all these are very connected. In addition, the community begins at home, and every person in a community is part of what makes that community what it is. Homes, children, and community are all related and part of each other and how communities treat their children is what defines them. Children are the future, and the relationship between a child and the world around him is what creates the child's view of the world, so it is important to foster good community relationships, and that starts in the home.

Communities are essential to all our lives. Humans are a social species and we are designed to live in small to medium sized communities. This is very important, because the lasting relationships we form around us ground us. They are good for our health, and they enable us to live the complex, modern lives we live. We need other people for society to work, and we always have needed this. More importantly, our brains are designed to live in the communities we have a basic need to associate with our fellow humans, and because of this, we have a stake in the welfare of the communities around us.

Community starts in the home. What is a community but the families that make it up? A household is the smallest unit of a community, and it is this household that forms the structure of a community. Family alliances and structures are important, and community cohesion is possible only when families and households come together to maintain it. This is because families and family structure in a modern community is the participant in the educational, economical, and social marketplaces, and we must consider them as such. In addition, with families comes the most important thing, children, as children eventually grow up and create continuity within a community.

Children are very important in all this, because of the way humanity works. One of the primary functions of humanity, or any organism really, is to create the next generation and prepare them for success. This is very observable in human communities especially because of how social we are and how important communication is to us. In addition, children very much learn by intimation and becoming immersed in the world around us, that it is important to structure our communities and inter household relationships around the well-being of a child. This is the only way to foster a productive community centric worldview in the child.

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