5 Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

When you are writing an argumentative essay your goal is to create an argument that is based in logic and sound reasoning. The argument must be supported by evidence and should be substantial enough that when the reader concludes with your essay they take your side in the argument or agree with your point of view. The purpose of this is to show off your analytical and argumentative skills. You also need to call upon your organizational skills and presentation skills to ensure that you present the information you find in a proper manner.

If you are looking for 5 interesting argumentative essay topics consider the following:

  1. You can argue whether veteran support is beneficial for veterans or if it is lacking. If it is lacking in something you can assess what it is that might make it better.
  2. You can argue whether “green energy” or “environmentally friendly” appliances or cars or lights are actually causing people to use more energy because they think of it as more eco friendly. For example: do people with hybrid cars take more road trips than they would have in a regular car just because they know that it costs less for gas?
  3. You can argue whether physician assisted suicide should be permitted or not.
  4. You can argue whether our educational system adequately prepares children for real life as an adult. If not assess what changes can be made to improve it.
  5. You can argue whether child soldiers should be forced to answer for the crimes they commit during war and at what age this should be done. Should all children be forced to answer for their crimes no matter their age or is there a legal limit?

When writing your argumentative essay your paper will be organized in one of two popular ways. The first way is to present the arguments and evidence in order from the least important to the most important. The second way is to present the arguments and evidence in order from the most important to the least important.

For your paper you need to ensure that each paragraph has a smooth transition from one to the next. Each new paragraph should have a topic sentence that tells the reader what will be presented in that paragraph. The topic sentences function as a smaller version of the thesis statement.

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