How To Write A Top-Quality Descriptive Essay: Free Advice

The aim of a descriptive essay is to create images and invoke the five senses of the reader. The first important task is to select a topic that you will be describing. It could be an idea, an object or process. Ensure that your topic has interesting facts and features to talk about. It requires very vivid imagination to talk about ordinary objects and processes. This calls for careful consideration as you select your topic.

Selecting the topic

When selecting the topic identify several of them and brainstorm on each. Do not go into details at this stage since you will be looking for facts in order to make a decision. Identify the topic that is more interesting and with enough ideas to form a quality descriptive essay. There should be enough materials from the library or other sources depending on the length required by your tutor.


At this stage, you are required to list the features or parts that you are interested in for your topic. Drafting a descriptive essay starts with the general ideas. These are the common distinguishing features that are likely know or visible from a distance. They are followed by the unique features that require keen interest or observation to be noted.

At the drafting stage, determine the order of description which could be up-down or down-up depending on your preference. Events, processes and observations should be orderly. It is easy for the reader to follow your description if he or she can identify an order.


With all the facts about your object of interest on you desk, it is time to begin writing your descriptive essay. Construct your thesis statement that captures your general impression of the subject. The statement can be changed later as the content in the body of your paper takes shape. The introductory paragraph should contain general information. Do not bombard the reader with new terminologies and facts.

As you describe your subject, avoid ordinary facts and statements. Let the journey towards a fact be experienced through senses. Paint the scenes and images in a way that will evoke imagination. Everything you know about the subject should not be placed in a single paragraph. Spread the facts in an orderly manner throughout your paper. Transition sentences should usher the reader into the next paragraph.


The conclusion paragraph of your descriptive essay ties all ideas together. All the details given in the body are given meaning at the last paragraph. It acts as the summary and closes down your discussion.

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