A List of Good Essay Topics on Communication Skills in Nursing

Transferring information between or among people is important, especially in the hospital where many different people meet under uneasy circumstances. Nursing involves communication between the nurse and the patient, his or her family, nurse’s supervisors, co-workers, and many other people. Obviously, interactions in this professional can be challenging, that is why essay topics on communication skills in nursing are actual.

Choosing the right topic for your paper might take a while if you don’t have sample ideas to get inspired. It’s a good idea to visit websites devoted to nursing related problems, look through scholarly articles in medical journals, and go to the academic writing center to get sample essays and a list of potential ideas on communication skills in nursing. You can also start to work on your assignment by studying the ideas provided below:

  • The major components for successful communication.
  • Write about the factors which could influence how the nurse’s message is interpreted according to different settings, the past experiences, the timing of the message, etc.
  • Honesty as the most important step towards effective communication in nursing.
  • Explain why it’s necessary to explain what is happening, keep the promises, and use corrective actions in interaction between the nurse and the patient if needed.
  • Non-verbal means of communication.
  • Consider that the studies have shown that as much as 80% of our social relation is non-verbal; write about importance of eye contact, the body language, and tone of voice when talking to patients and their families.
  • Mechanisms of conflict prevention between nurses and co-workers.
  • Describe how these conflicts can affect patients and their families, what cultural differences should be takes into consideration, and how to prevent conflict situations.
  • Different forms and techniques of communication.
  • Mention various forms of interaction, explain why it’s important to choose the right form in a particular situation, and what barriers to honest talk might occur.
  • The importance of active listening skills.
  • Describe the techniques that help nurses and patients interact successfully, including using sounds of encouragement and leaning slightly forward.
  • Nursing and voice management.
  • Define the concept of voice management, explain why it’s important to ensure safe practice, and mention issues that occur with non-native speaker patients and their families.
  • A literature review on nurse-patient interaction.
  • Conduct a literature review about the patient’s contribution in the interaction process, determine what nurses should do in order to make things work out, and what typical problems they should avoid.

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