Business Ethics

Ethics are of great importance in the world today. For thousands of years they have served as a code of decency to ensure the survival and evolution of the human race. Ethics play a vital role in many areas in life and while business and ethics are often at odds, there is, in fact something called "business ethics."

Business ethics dictate the moral and just way to do business. They keep a business and those involved in it on the right track, thus ensuring a pleasant relationship with the public. In order to act in an ethical way, a person but first distinguish right from wrong and then chose to act in the right way. However, acting in an ethical way isn't easy to do when it comes to business.

Take the COO of a business for example; such a person may be met with the temptation of a bribe. We can assume that no person on the face of the earth believes accepting a bribe is a moral way to behave, meaning in order to do so the COO would have to act in an unethical manner. Business ethics prevent the bribe from making its way from the dollar sign bag to the COO's bank account.

Business ethics may be challenged when a one is faced with the opportunity to help him/herself or the business. This may occur if that person is working on a project, which will result in, a great deal of money for the company and all they have to do to make it happen is lie. But suppose the lie will cause another person to lose money, what is the ethical thing to do? Well, the answer is obvious, you don't lie and you continue to do business as you have always done it. Walking away from money, of course, is never an easy thing to do; after all isn't making money the sole aim of any business? It is here one must be guided by business ethics in order to make their decision.

Yes, business ethics exist and affect us all. When you search for insurance, you put your trust in the firm to give you the best coverage at a price you can afford. Even when you buy a computer, you put your trust in a guy with acne to put your needs before his financial gain.

That is all business ethics.

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