The Problem with American Children

The children in the United States are faced by various issues and thus in relation to these issues, they develop mechanisms that rub off as bad behavior. These qualities may have effects on their futures, where they tend to carry negative traits to their future. These range from drugs, indolence, sexual misbehavior, misplaced priorities an emotional instability. These issues are affected by the factors surrounding them and their reaction to these surroundings.

The issue surrounding drug abuse concerns the prevalence of these drugs within their environment. Most children in the United States have come into contact with more than three illegal hard drugs. Some percentage of teens become consistent users and may end up becoming addicted. They thus turn out lacking in other aspects of life, such as their education, social lives and may neglect their responsibilities. This issue can be countered actively by reducing the probability of the subjects with drugs, and giving them appropriate guidance in proper and legal drug use. Such actions would help in turning many of these affected young people from the life of drugs.

Sexual misbehavior ranges from the engagement if underage persons in sexual contact, observation of inappropriate sexual content and becoming sexual workers. Child prostitution is a major issue in many states in the United States, including the cases of voluntary prostitution, which goes hand in hand with misplacement of priorities and drug abuse. These children participating in sexual contact with others of similar age may be guided by peer pressure and access to explicit sexual content. Handling of this issue can be done by the sexual education classes offered to children in schools. Parents can also appropriately speak to their children on such content.

Indolence is an issue that bugs parents, school teachers and social workers. The children in this case are lazy and have no incentive to participate in social, school or any work. This is sometimes brought about by the overdoing of activities such as watching television, playing of video games and excessive listening to music; all which are not beneficial to their lives. The concerned parents might decide to engage their child in compulsory social activities, in a bid to make them feel more comfortable being active, and this will motivate other forms of hard work and participation in activities.

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