How To Compose A Strong Essay: Writing Body Paragraphs

Writing a nice comprehensive essay does require a lot of skills from the student. They need to know about all the requirements of the type of essay they are writing. Further, different institutes and teachers do give specific requirements which the students are required to follow in order to get good grades in their essay. Most of the students find the Introduction and the Conclusion part of the essay fairly easy to write. It is because they usually are small with mostly containing just a single paragraph. Further, they also have very simple requirements which students don’t really find them challenging. But, the body paragraphs of the essay compromise at least 90 percent of the overall requirement. They are challenging and have a lot of different requirements. The body paragraphs are the ones who ensure the writer to compose a strong and well structured essay.

Tips for writing body paragraphs of an essay:

The body paragraphs have a lot of varied requirements. The writer has to follow a lot of things as how to start an essay and how to give it a good structure. The number of paragraphs varies which depends on the overall length requirement of an essay. The writer also needs to be critical as where to include the examples and how many to include. The following is a list of some of the useful tips for writing quality body paragraphs of an essay:

  • The writer should aim at sticking to the topic sentence and has to make sure that he doesn’t deviate too much from the topic in all the paragraphs.
  • The paragraphs should not be too long. Try to include only one idea in one paragraph and keep it limited to 8 to 10 sentences maximum.
  • There should be a definite link in idea between the ending of one paragraph and the beginning of the next one. Abrupt start of a paragraph would definitely result in negative marking at all levels and in all institutes.
  • The sentences used within the paragraph should have a nice logical flow. They should be well merged and integrated with each other to give a nice positive outlook of the essay.
  • The students should also identify that where to put an example in the essay. There is no requirement to include example in all the paragraphs. Ideally, there should be a couple of examples in a 5 body paragraph essay.

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