Selecting Good Essay Topics For Middle School: Tips & Examples

While you may think that actually writing an essay for middle school is the hard part, selecting good topic can be surprisingly difficult, too. And, selecting a good essay topic is a very important part of writing a great paper. That’s why we’ve compiled this excellent guide that’s full of tips and tricks about selecting good essay topics for middle school.

Tip 1: Choose an essay topic that meets the assignment brief requirements

The first thing you need to keep in mind when you choose a theme for your paper is that the theme you choose needs to fulfill all the requirements that are in your assignment brief. So, if your assignment brief states that the theme must be about geography, choose one about geography. If you stray too far from the requirements, you’ll lower your grades. So, rather stick to the assignment brief as closely as you can.

Tip 2: Choose a topic that you’re interested in

The second thing that you need to remember when you’re trying to choose a good theme for your middle school paper is to choose a theme that actually interests you. If you select a theme that you find boring, you’ll find it much harder to write your paper. Rather choose a theme that you find stimulating. In addition, if you choose a theme that interests you, the quality of your work will probably be better, too. This is simply because you’ll end up spending more time on it instead of just trying to get it over with.

Tip 3: Choose an essay topic that you can research properly

The third thing that you should keep in mind when you choose a theme for your paper is that you need to select a theme that you can actually research. This means that whatever you choose should not be so obscure that you can’t find any reliable information about it. However, try not to lean to the other side too much, as you may end up choosing an over-used theme. Instead, try to find a happy medium.


Now that you’ve read the excellent tips about selecting a good topic for your middle school essay, you should have a look at a few examples to cement what you’ve learnt. The following list of examples should help you on your way to selecting a great theme for your paper:

  • The history of archaeology as a discipline
  • Why sport is an important part of culture
  • The procedure that the police follow after a crime has been commited

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