Best Ways To Choose Persuasive Essay Topics For Elementary School Students

A persuasive essay is a way to help a student learn how to create an argument for or against an idea but the end goal is to convince the reader to agree with their point of view. This is a great learning tool for students of all ages but in particular this assignment can help elementary students as long as the topic is something of concern for this level of student.

Here are tips to choose topics that are appropriate for elementary school students.

Tip One – Talk with the student

One of the first tips in finding appropriate subject matter is to talk with the student themselves. Even young elementary level students have an opinion of the world they live in and they just may surprise you with a topic they could use. When you talk with the student they will give you insight into what is important to them and possible ideas for a topic.

Tip Two – School issues

The next area to consider when looking for a topic is to consider what is going on with the school itself. Have they recently shortened recess? Are they considering going to year round school? Each of these topics will impact the student and they may want to argue a case for or against.

Tip Three – Topic lists online

If you are still struggling to find appropriate ideas for elementary students to use, then consider going online to find potential ideas. There are many sites that have compiled lists of topics that could be appropriate for your students. Do a quick online search and you will see many different ideas that are age appropriate for you to use.

Tip Four – Parents

Another idea to find a topic is to discuss this with the child’s parents. Parents have in depth knowledge of their child and what they enjoy doing or the activities they participate in. By talking with the parents and including them in the educational process you can find potential topics that elementary students may enjoy.

No matter which way you choose to find appropriate topics, each one of these methods will allow you to better select age appropriate topics for elementary school students to use for their assignments. But no matter which one you utilize, make sure the student has an interest in the topic so that the assignment will be fun and not just work.

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