What Are the Main Features of a Good Essay Topic?

Your essay topic choice can make or break your paper. Students who do well on their writing assignments know what qualities make for a good essay topic. Here, we have shared the top 5 main features of an essay subject that teachers and professors prefer.

  1. It brings something new to the table?
  2. A common mistake that many students make when selecting their topic is selecting subject matter that has already been covered many times. Basically, they just re-write information that they have found without adding any new insight.

    If you want to earn a top grade avoid just copying another writers work. Instead, introduce a new position in your thesis and try to find evidence that will support your concept.

  3. It is relevant to modern times.
  4. The best essays are relatable. They reference current events and discuss current and relevant issues.

    When choosing a topic consider some of today’s news stories Is there a modern angle that you can use to make your paper more “with the times”.

  5. It is not boring.
  6. This is extremely important. Don’t pick a complicated essay topic just because you think that it will get you a better grade.

    Instead, look for something to write about that is genuinely interesting to you. If it interests you, chances are you will be able write a paper on it. Not to mention, instructors are people too! They don’t want to grade essays about uninteresting subject matter!

  7. It is unique
  8. On that note, there have been thousands upon thousands of student essays written. If you want to be successful at improving your writing grade choose a unique idea. Don’t just write on the same topics that your classmates are because it is easier. Set your paper apart by choosing a unique concept.

  9. It suits the assignment criteria!
  10. Last but not least the topic that you select to write about should meet the assignment criteria. If you aren’t sure re-read the assignment carefully and make sure that your topic works for the subject that you have been assigned.

    This should go without saying, but very often students lose grade points because they do not clearly read the assignment expectations or question. Make sure you double-check this throughout the writing process and reflect back to make sure that your writing continues to answer the assigned question.

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