Recommendations On How To Compose An Excellent Long Essay About Drug Addiction

Writing essays is one of the most common assignments you will encounter in your studies. Essay writing teaches students to develop their skills not only in writing, but also in researching and critical thinking. For an academic paper to be interesting and thought-provoking, it is crucial to choose a topic that is relevant and worthy of discussion. Drug addiction is a controversial subject that is discussed often in modern society. Writing a paper on this topic is not easy, but can be very interesting.

Substance addiction is quite a controversial topic. On the one hand, pharmaceuticals have helped thousands of people who are suffering from pain. On the other hand, drug addiction has become a serious problem that has the potential to ruin people’s health and their relationships with others.

If you need to compose a long essay on substance addiction, first of all consider defining the meaning of the word. The word has two common meanings:

  • Medication
  • Illegally sold chemical compounds, such as ecstasy, marijuana, heroin, etc.

Another issue to explore when writing a paper about drug addiction is the drugs’ effects on people using them. Consider the following:

  • Drugs make people feel “high”, but usually the duration of these emotions is not long. After the effect wears out, a person usually feels sad, frustrated or even depressed.
  • Drug addicts continue using the substances in order to experience the same pleasant emotions.
  • People get addicted not only to illegal substances, but to some freely sold “drugs”, such as alcohol or cigarettes.

When writing your essay, you may also want to consider the causes of drug addiction, some of which include:

  • Drugs are easily accessible nowadays, so a lot of young people try them.
  • When people try drugs for the first time they believe they will try it only once, but most people become addicted and continue using the drug.
  • Drugs are popular among youth, so a lot of young people take them in order to be cool and not cast out from the crowd.
  • Some people use drugs to feel freedom from emotions and to forget about everyday challenges and hardships.

When writing an essay about substance abuse, support your claims with facts and figures; do not only state your personal opinion, but also provide statistical facts for every example that you use in your paper.

Remember that if you want to write an excellent long essay about drug addiction, you should not only state the problem and analyze its causes, but provide possible solutions. Suggest some anti-drug campaigns or new medical programs.

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