A Guide To Writing An Essay About Friendship Experience

Writing essays can sometimes be a hard thing nit because you do not understand the topic the topic you are being asked to write about but simply because its too cheap. In such situations you have everything to write and you just don’t know where to start from. The biggest risk in such types of essays if information mishap. Writing an essay about friendship experience can be very easy for the fact that everyone has had friends and they will have definitely something to write about. When writing such an essay, consider the following points.

Choose a suitable title

When writing an essay on friendship experience you might have so many yet vast information to write such that you encounter a difficulty in coming up with a relevant title. To come up with a title that suits your essay, you can look at a saying or proverb that is in line with friendship and match it with your situation. This is not to say that you are limited only to those but also any other creative title will do your essay good. The most important thing to consider here is that you do not choose title that confines you to few words thus limiting your imagination.

Have story

It makes your essay more captivating to have a short story that does not elicit many dramas that you leave unresolved. Tell a story about a friend or friendship that leaves the reader with a lesson to learn about friendship. The story should not be too complicated involving many characters. The more you complicate the story the less interesting it becomes. Use fewest characters possible and let each character play a role in the story about friendship.

Your diction should match friendship

Choice of words in an essay is very important. The type of vocabulary used in an essay talking about friendship should suggest relationship, trust liking one another betrayal and the rest. It is not advisable to use vocabulary from another field that does not relate to the matter at hand. Also for the purpose of simplicity and easier understanding, ensure that you use simple words; any word is a vocabulary as long as it is placed in the right context.

Let your essay have a moral lesson

People want to learn from the experience of others so that they don’t make the same mistakes. You do the human race more justice to write them as essay that improves their lives than one that leaves them hopeless. Your essay should display the value of good friendship or the effects of betrayal. Any lesson that is positive does your essay good.

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