Picking Up Impressive Argumentative Essay Topics About A Zoo: 18 Fresh Ideas

What is an argumentative essay?

Argumentative essays is one such genre of writing which allows the student to investigate a given topic along with collecting, generating and evaluating the evidences. A position is established on the chosen topic in a concise way. Such kind of writing requires the students to vividly express their opinions and support that stated opinion with evidence and strong logic along with practicality.

In such writings, evidences are used from personal experiences, historical examples, literature and research are used to support viewpoint of the writer. Usually several different kind of arguments are stated to validate the given opinion.

What is the format of argumentative essays?

While writing an argumentative essay the most important task is to collect information from different sources and then fuse them together to make a strong point. Here both primary and secondary sources are examined to make a wise and informed decision.

When it comes to the format, such essays have a fixed and definite format which needs to be followed. The format includes:

  • Introduction
  • Background information
  • Body paragraphs

Argumentative essays can have different type of topics, and one such interesting topic very common is on zoos. The topic on zoos is something very subjective and a variety of opinions exist on it. Some are of the opinion that animals should be kept in a zoo in a cage while others are of the view that animals should be left in the wild so that they can live and grow in their natural environment.

Some fresh and popular topics related to zoos are:

  1. Zoos provide animals a natural environment
  2. Animals should definitely be caged in a zoo
  3. Animals are ill treated in zoos
  4. Tourists should not be allowed to feed animal outside food
  5. Animals are well protected in the zoo
  6. Entry charged in zoo should be increased
  7. Animals should be given the liberty to grow in their natural environment
  8. Protection of animals in zoo is more important than their natural habitat
  9. Zoo protects animals from being killed
  10. Tourists are at risk in zoo
  11. Animals from zoo should be sent for circus training
  12. Earning money from animal shows at circus is not wrong
  13. Animals are better off in zoos than in the wild
  14. Is it right to keep animals in zoos at all
  15. Who should be blamed for animal atrocities in zoos?
  16. How is the zoo a safe place to see animals?
  17. Should parents take their children to the zoo more often
  18. Can zoos be privatized?

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